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Randy Newman: The Unforgettable Inspiration Behind "Losing You"

  • Monday, August 4, 2008
    Randy Newman: The Unforgettable Inspiration Behind "Losing You"

    Randy discusses the unforgettable story behind the Harps and Angels song "Losing You," which BBC calls "two minutes and 16 seconds of wonder: a perfect gem shining in the darkness," followed by a solo performance at the piano.

on August 4, 2008 - 1:51pm

Randy discusses the unforgettable story behind the Harps and Angels song "Losing You," which BBC calls "two minutes and 16 seconds of wonder: a perfect gem shining in the darkness," followed by a solo performance at the piano.

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Randy Newman



I miss my Jimmy so much. This song is true for me. I am 70, he was 76. This song says it all. Randy, I wish I knew you, I know I would love you because of your heart and sense of humor. I, guess I relate because I love music, baseball, I can be sarcastic, and laugh at everything anyway, smile, too. Thanks so much. You are the Natural.

Thank you for getting back to work!

Greatest writer of all. I really believe Randy can pull things out that few of us have the courage to face. The most interesting man in the world? Who knows...could be.

Your music crosses the oceans and touches my soul deeply. I'm here in France and Losing You became the anthem some kind of anthem in my life strenghening feelings and giving hope for each sad or joyfull events in my life.
Thank you.

Thank you once again, Randy, for touching me with your wonderful music. I was lucky enough to see you in concert in Edinburgh (and even luckier to get your autograph!!) and the memory will live with me forever. "Losing You" is becoming more and more significant to me as I have had a lot of years gradually losing my son to the horrors of drugs, but I pray he will turn a corner one day.
The world would have been a sorrier place without your music, Randy. I thank you.

losing you is wonderful, thank you, randy newman. jim clancy.

For all the decades I've been a Randy Newman fan, seldom have I hear a song from him - or anyone - like "Losing You," which is so startlingly stop-dead-in-one's-tracks moving and gorgeous. And the story behind the song only makes it that much more heart-rending. He is beyond doubt the equal of any 20th-century songwriter in any language. May it be much less than nine years before he graces the world with another collection of his brilliant music.

Mr. Newman, I have just lost my mother of 96yrs. and you have touch my soul... Thank you

I have shown this video to grief counselors, clergy, and others of my friends touched by loss; this music has brought tears to their eyes (as to mine as well). Thank you, Mr. Newman...

A new Randy album - at last I can give Badlove a break from my cd player!
Thank you Mr Newman - you are the "main man" - and please , please try to make it to Australia again.

Another triumph, Hearts and Angels, with its mixture of true pathos, cutting satire, and a cleverly submerged prediction of the future top dogs in America. His global sweep songs - like the Great Nations of Europe - with their prophetic sting - are some of the cleverest, most crafted lyrics in modern music. Thank you Randy for another great album - but what a long wait

this is sooooo beautiful, and with his friendly voice it makes the whole world cry with those parents

Mr Newman is a genious.
I follow his music and i can dream and think .

Thank you very much for this beautiful song.Special for me because mine son died 13 years ago 26 year of age.Many songs off Randy makes me so happy.I hope he will come soon to the Netherlands so we can see him again on stage

what more is there to say...
thank you so much,

what a stunning song. what i wouldn't give to see randy newman in concert, one more time.

absolutely nobody can write as well as randy newman !!!!he once said that dylan at his best was the best.i know this isn't a competition but for me nobody is even in the same universe as him.he is the greatest songwriter that has ever come out of america.his music has been so important in my life,i've nothing else to say except that i really hope there will be more records to come in the "near" future.nine more years is too long to wait .please randy have pity on us!!!!give us more records.....
ps.this song "losing you" is so beautiful and with a simple chord change he can break your heart.

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