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Randy Newman: To Be Young and Famous ... on "Easy Street"

  • Wednesday, August 6, 2008
    Randy Newman: To Be Young and Famous ... on "Easy Street"

    Randy Newman discusses the song "Easy Street" from his album Harps and Angels.

on August 6, 2008 - 12:52pm

Randy Newman discusses the song "Easy Street" from his album Harps and Angels.

Artist Name: 
Randy Newman


Dear Mr. Newman, (Randy)

When I was young I always sang your songs, I used to sing bawdy songs in cocktail bars. Today I am a Sales Trainer, with my own company and I always bring in your music whenever I can or sing it at conventions.

"I love to see you Smile and You've got a friend in me, are two I love so much. My husband died of cancer two years ago and he asked me to sing "You've got a friend in me, over and over along with Joe Cocker's "you are so beautiful" I sang them every day in the last days of his life. We met when I was working cocktail bar and loved music from the beginning. After he died, I would sing, I love to see you smile, and Losing you. Now, I am working on EASY STREET. ( I can sing pretty well but my piano is not good.)

I am working now with the wonderful hard working but NOT rich ladies of Home Based businesses etc.
I am starting a WEB page for them. It's called Purpose is to teach ethical sales skills, goal setting and life skills to all those men and women out there who haven't had it as good as they might have wanted. They need skill and I am skilled in Sales Communication.

I love your song EASY STREET and if you use it to teach that you can have a career if you don't complicate things but make it simple, that won't be easy but it will be good for them.

Letting go of OLD friends could be for them, letting go of the NEGATIVE voices that keep them down.
Satisfaction Guaranteed, if they work EFFORTLESSLY on WHAT it TAKES to SUCCEED.
So I am changing the meaning you had to a complete positive side.

In today's business world people tell them it's hard, it's full of technical jargon, I say Lighten Up and let's act like it's EASY. Work effortlessly at doing the best we can and we will have a successful life as well as a successful career in sales.

Never use tricks and cleverness and instead always make the other person feel right and smart to do business with you.

I would love to play your song in the background but I don't think I can afford the price.

You are so real and so wonderful, I am so glad no Harps and Angels for you yet.
No back stabbin' has been my motto for 35 years.

Have a continued wonderful life...
Judy McKee
An old friend that you do know even know.

Judy McKee
my website: www.TYCCPRO.COM

A great song, it has the sense of being written and put out on a 78 before we were born.
That old, complete, Tin Pan Alley, structure for success. Of course it could have been written
about a young thin Sinatra caught in the grip of bobbysoxers. Rudy Vallee and the like.
Aggressive fame and the Luella Parsons dirt chassers are nothing new.
Fatty Arbuckle and Jean Harrlow come to mind too.

Still it is a well crafted tome to 'the new winners' to beware what you wish for,
you might get it and not grasp it's grasp on you. How many went from the
Micky Mouse Club to success AFTER age 35....?

I'm watching these videos and I'm thinking " my God, Randy has to explain himself for the songs? There must be more idiots in our populace than I originally thought. Hey, I guess the same things happened in the 70's when Political Science and Rednecks came out.

Absolutely loved this new album and can't wait for the sheet music to be published. Easy Street was one of my favorites, but In Defense of My Country was a must for everyone..

Right on! Randy

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