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The Magnetic Fields: "Realism"—Introductions

Stephin Merritt and Claudia Gonson of The Magnetic Fields re-introduce themselves and introduce the band's latest Nonesuch release, Realism, giving an idea of the instrumentation used for arrangements the BBC called "inventive" and MusicOMH called "wonderful."


I thought you were going to play music -- I was disappointed.

Yay! More songs about plucking!

Sorry to hear you were disappointed, Mimi. There are more videos to come from a conversation between Stephin and Claudia. While there are no live performances, there are song clips from Realism, so you can hear a bit of what's to come on the album, and we hope you'll enjoy hearing what they have to say!

Oh come now mimi. We hear the music all the time. The talking, not so much.

We do enjoy hearing what they have to say - thanks guys.

They're just so adorable! I really enjoyed this shot clip. I can't wait to get their new album.

Hi. Good review by Alexis Petridis on The Guardian's website today. I quickly dashed over to your MySpace page and was surprised that you have no tracks from the new album streamed. If I don't have a flavour of how it sounds I can't buy it! I'll just have to take Alexis's word for it.

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