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  • The Nonesuch Store–exclusive "…The Best Live Show of All Time" —NME EP CD contains six live tracks from David Byrne's American Utopia tour, recorded at Kings Theater in Brooklyn, NY, in September 2018: the American Utopia songs "Everybody's Coming To My House," "Every Day Is A Miracle," and "Dog's Mind"; the Talking Heads' "This Must Be The Place (Naïve Melody)" and "I Zimbra"; and "Toe Jam," which Byrne originally recorded with Fatboy Slim as The BPA.

  • Previously only available on a vinyl 7" for Record Store Day: Black Friday in 2014, Conor Oberst's songs "Standing on the Outside Looking In" and "Sugar Street" are now available digitally. The tracks were recorded during the sessions for Oberst's 2014 Nonesuch Records debut album, Upside Down Mountain, of which Rolling Stone said: "A sumptuous immersion in '70s California folk pop, it is the most immediately charming album he has ever made."

  • Originally released as a vinyl 7" from Conor Oberst for Record Store Day 2014, this single—"Hundreds of Ways," from his Nonesuch Records debut album, Upside Down Mountain, and the album outtake "Fast Friends"—are now available digitally. Rolling Stone said of Upside Down Mountain: "A sumptuous immersion in '70s California folk pop, it is the most immediately charming album he has ever made."

  • December 5, 2018

    The English trio The Staves offer their contribution to the holiday-song canon with "Home Alone, Too," in which the festive-jumper-festooned sisters dare to ask: "Are you watching Home Alone, too?"

  • On True Stories (1986), his sole foray into feature-film directing, David Byrne was inspired by tabloid headlines to make an ode to the extraordinariness of ordinary American life, using his songs to stitch together pop iconography, voodoo rituals, and a singular variety show. This comprehensive soundtrack contains 23 songs, collected for the first time in one package, in film sequence. "I always imagined that the music written for True Stories should be heard as it is in the film," says Byrne. "It makes the most sense this way. Me singing the song that was written for John Goodman's character always felt weird to me. It was written for that character, not for me."

  • Lake Street Dive's EP Freak Yourself Out features five songs recorded during sessions for the band's 2018 album Free Yourself Up that had not been finished. The band had so much fun playing the songs on tour, they went back into the studio and finished them for this special release.

  • This special edition First Collection 2006–2009, available from Nonesuch in Europe and Sub Pop elsewhere, honors the tenth anniversary of Fleet Foxes' eponymous debut album. It features content spanning the early days of the band's career, including the self-titled full-length debut album on 12" vinyl, as well as the Sun Giant EP on 10" vinyl, and the first vinyl releases of both the very limited-edition, previously only self-released The Fleet Foxes EP on 10", and B-sides & Rarities on 10". In addition to its musical offerings, the special edition features a 32-page booklet with show flyers, lyrics, and artwork from the period. The Sunday Times calls it a Must-Have Reissue. Also available in a four-CD set.

  • September 21, 2018

    Mountain Man's Nonesuch debut album, Magic Ship—a reflection on the joys, follies, and oddities of existence—is the band's second album. The songs on Magic Ship distill eight years of experience since their 2010 debut album, Made the Harbor, of sights seen, pleasures had, feelings hurt, forgiveness extended. The New York Times describes them as "intimate, close-harmony songs that tap into an ageless essence of traditional ballads and lullabies as they contemplate companionship, family, love and death." "Mountain Man share that rare, innate gift of almost supernatural harmonizing," says NPR. "Hauntingly beautiful." Bundle options include an exclusive Magic Ship tote bag.


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