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  • Louis Andriessen's Theatre of the World was recorded live during the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s 2016 world premiere performances with conductor Reinbert de Leeuw and director Pierre Audi. The nine-scene multimedia work, which features a libretto by Helmut Krausser, is a far-ranging exploration of 17th-century German Jesuit scholar Athanasius Kircher. The Los Angeles Times says: "Brilliant and deep, Andriessen's music compels from start to finish."

  • September 15, 2017

    Half-Light is the debut album from Rostam, who is known for his work with Vampire Weekend and produced each of their three albums. The kaleidoscopic album features fifteen songs written, produced, and performed by Rostam. "Stunning," exclaims NPR. The New Yorker says it's "a wondrous album, full of coy dreams and quiet yearning." The Daily Beast calls it "a sublime collection of baroque pop ... one of the more extraordinary records of the year."

  • August 4, 2017

    Dark Matter is Randy Newman's first album of new material in nine years. Produced by long-time Newman collaborators Mitchell Froom, Lenny Waronker, and David Boucher, the album includes songs about Vladimir Putin, the Kennedy brothers, Sonny Boy Williamson, science vs. religion, love and loss, and more. NPR says Newman "remains first and foremost a craftsman of song, capable of telling ordinary stories in ways no one quite has before." The AP says Newman "is still at the top of his game." Grammy Award Winner for "Putin," Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals.

  • k.d. lang's Ingénue: 25th Anniversary Edition marks the double platinum-selling, Grammy-winning album's silver anniversary. "Back in 1992, lang released a record unlike any other," says NPR. Her "monumental voice, both powerful and restrained, was simply unforgettable as she sang languorous songs of love and desire." The new two-disc set includes remastered versions of the album's original ten tracks, including its huge hit "Constant Craving," along with eight previously unreleased performances from lang's 1993 MTV Unplugged episode, recorded in New York City's famed Ed Sullivan Theater.

  • The Queen of Hearts is the debut album from Offa Rex, an adventurous project featuring English singer/multi-instrumentalist Olivia Chaney and The Decemberists. Produced and recorded by Tucker Martine (Modest Mouse, My Morning Jacket, Neko Case) and Colin Meloy at Martine’s studio in Portland, OR, the album draws largely on traditional English-Irish-Scottish repertoire to create a transatlantic musical conversation that flirts with psychedelia and folk rock while maintaining its own inimitable identity. NPR calls it "a match made in folk-rock heaven."

  • The Natalie Merchant Collection, a deluxe 10-CD box set, comprises all eight of her solo studio albums from the previous three decades, as well as Butterfly—a new studio set featuring four new songs and six reinterpreted selections from her catalog, all arranged for string quartet—and Rarities, a collection of rare and unreleased tracks recorded between 1998 and 2017: home studio demos, album outtakes, live tracks, and collaborations with artists like Billy Bragg, David Byrne, The Chieftains, and Cowboy Junkies. Includes a 100-page lyric book and pictorial history of the singer-songwriter's solo career, an archival treasure box for collectors. "Magnificent," exclaims Mojo in a five-star review, "a definitive and absorbing celebration of an artist with a singular voice and vision."


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