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Featured Releases

  • Kronos waited a decade for Henryk Górecki, who garnered a worldwide audience with his Third Symphony, to complete this mournful, meditative work. The Quartet’s David Harrington says, “This music consoles as it faces, unflinchingly, the deepest aspects of life.”

  • The three works presented here capture the stylistic qualities that launched Gόrecki to international fame with his Third Symphony: direct, honest, and haunting. Experimental yet firmly grounded in the Western concert tradition, these constantly unfolding, meditative pieces utilize the classic formats of requiem and concerto as a springboard for the mystical minimalist approach for which the composer is renowned.

  • Composed during a period of Polish national upheaval in 1981, Miserere is unique among Górecki’s works in its overtly political inspiration. Written for unaccompanied choir, the piece demonstrates the composer’s interest in choral music and his penchant for large-scale, gradually evolving structures. Also included are additional Górecki choral works, with performances by the Chicago Symphony Chorus and Lira Chamber Chorus. 

  • Kronos Quartet performs Górecki's fist two string quartets for an album Time describes as “sanguine in its magisterial technique and confident in its calm, unmannered directness of expression.” Both pieces were commissioned by Lincoln Center and dedicated to Kronos, marking a renewal of the composer’s interest in instrumental music during a decade of writing mainly for the voice.

  • One of the most affecting works of the late 20th century, Symphony No. 3, featuring the London Sinfonetta and soprano Dawn Upshaw, proved spellbinding to a diverse international audience. TIME calls it “a transcendental meditation on mortality and redemption.”