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    Niamey Jam
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    Amidinine, amidinine
    Tada adounia tichagret
    Tada adounia gouzoul
    Sagglete s’immik iyyane
    Was tarhed dagh manak

    Awa tarhed, arhekh
    Iguekh dagh mane isiglekh
    Edag dossed kitawakh

    My friend, my friend
    This life is long
    This life is short
    Manage it in a certain way
    The way that suits you

    What you desire, I desire it as well
    From the depth of my heart, I accept it
    Everywhere I go, I’ll think about it

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    Ahulakamine Hulan

    Nuhulakamine hulane

    Isstatanade id timtar

    Ihadane id chilane

    Windagh niga nartay

    Ahulaghine tarha

    Ahulagh assistane ilkam ahinassagh a adewegh id nizgame

    He greets you fondly

    Remember the days and the moments

    That we spent together

    I greet love, I greet doubt

    I will return one day

    Accompanied with nostalgia for those moments

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    Azamane Tiliade

    Awene azamane

    Azamane n tilyaden

    Tarha nasnate

    Tiglate isgabayyine

    Yallawate ayitma

    Yoffa anulu gabba

    Fel tilyaden nanagh

    Tin n anada n azamane

    This era

    The era of young girls

    Their way of loving

    Works in a different way

    Prayers to you, my brothers

    Better to be attentive

    For our girls

    Those of this era

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    Matinfa, tenessey

    Imuhagh tigraw tikma


    Yofa anikir

    Nikiss sandade

    Wadagh nihane

    Matinfa, tenessey

    Imuhagh tigraw tikma

    Imuhagh tigraw tikma id talghiwene ayishrayane

    What good is it to have

    Freemen who sleep in this world of suffering

    Wake up, my people

    Straighten up, my people

    Confront the difficulties of your current situation

    A long road awaits you

    What good is it to have

    Freemen who sleep in this world of suffering

    Freemen suffering shows us that times have changed

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    Nine kawanegh, maha naghrwane

    Bas nifrag tidawt garena


    Adunia tigla


    Bas nifrag tidawt garena


    Let us see, what is happening to us?

    We are no longer able to unite


    The world is moving forward

    We are unable to follow it

    Because we are no longer able to unite

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    Her Tenere


    Hegh tenere

    Usuf yigane

    Dagh tenere

    Warhene ammane

    Ikhimadas, samad ranagh

    Tikmawene, tin tenere

    The desert

    I am in the desert

    Full of nostalgia

    In the desert

    Without water

    I was sitting, meditating

    On the problems facing the desert

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    Imidiwane, imidiwane


    Awa nilmade

    Imarawane nanagh

    Imidiwane, imidiwane


    Awa ha nilmade

    Dagh imarawane nanagh

    Imidiwane, imidiwane

    My friends, my friends

    Never forget what

    We learned from our parents

    My friends, my friends

    Let us not forget this heritage

    That our parents have left us

    Let us keep it fondly

    This heritage is our identity

    My friends, my friends!

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    Ammane win kawal nine

    Sadwal nine tayitey

    Sadwalnine innouwagh

    Dagh togar tazoudey

    Doharagh tamoudret

    Black, magical water

    That grows intelligence

    That grows light

    Full of joy

    Oh, my friends

    With whom I grew up

  • 10

    Tadagh sh adunia

    Tarhak azigzane

    Adiss torgashade a

    Kanik assistane

    Tadagh sh adunia

    Tayitey tanine

    Iswantate nizgame

    N talayate toyyed

    Tadagh sh adunia

    Tilla daw itrane

    This life needs patience

    You go through life and it never ceases to question you

    You have to face this life to overcome its obstacles

    Patience will be your guide

    This life needs patience

    I remember this girl

    Whom I left under the stars

    Amongst those who invaded me

    This life needs patience

    When I returned, she was alone

    Abandoned on this barren and deserted earth

    Her memory haunts me day and night


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