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Listen: Rachael & Vilray Perform on WNYC's "All of It"

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on October 2, 2019 - 9:00am
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Wednesday, October 2, 2019 - 09:00

Rachael & Vilray stopped by WNYC's All of It to perform three songs from their self-titled debut album and talk with host Alison Stewart about their music. You can hear the conversation and their performance of "Alone at Last," "Let's Make Love on This Plane," and "Do Friends Fall in Love?" here.



Rachael & Vilray, whose self-titled debut album is out this Friday, stopped by WNYC Studios in New York City to perform three songs from the album on All of It and talk with host Alison Stewart about their music. You can hear the conversation and their performance of "Alone at Last," "Let's Make Love on This Plane," and "Do Friends Fall in Love?" below.

Rachael & Vilray features ten original songs by Vilray, along with two covers from the era that inspired him: Cuban composer Pedro Junco Jr.'s 1943 "Nosotros" and Milton Drake/Louis Atler's "I Love the Way You're Breaking My Heart," first popularized by Peggy Lee. Rachael & Vilray perform on Live From Here with Chris Thile from The Town Hall in New York on October 26, along with fellow special guest Paul Simon, and tour the US this fall, with stops in Chicago, Seattle, and Brooklyn; details below at and

Rachael & Vilray is available for pre-order at iTunes and the Nonesuch Store with an instant download of the new song and the previously release track "Alone at Last." Nonesuch Store orders also include an exclusive, limited-edition print of a painting made by Hannah Rawe for the occasion and autographed by Rachael and Vilray. The album will also stream at Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and other digital service providers.


Oct 26 Live From Here at The Town Hall New York, NY
Nov 1 Old Town School of Folk Music Chicago, IL
Nov 2 Majestic Theater Madison, WI
Nov 3 The Cedar Minneapolis, MN
Nov 7 Port City Music Hall Portland, ME
Nov 8 Somerville Theatre Somerville, MA
Nov 9 Shea Theater Turners Falls, MA
Nov 10 StageOne Fairfield, CT
Dec 5 Nordstrom Recital Hall at Benaroya Hall Seattle, WA
Dec 6 Mississippi Studios Portland, OR
Dec 7 SF Jazz Center San Francisco, CA
Dec 8 The Sanctuary at Pico Union Los Angeles, CA
Dec 12 Sixth and I Washington, DC
Dec 13 Kimmel Center Philadelphia, PA
Dec 14 Levon Helm Studios Woodstock, NY
Dec 15 The Bell House Brooklyn, NY
Jan 23 Colours London, UK
Rachael & Vilray: WNYC's "All of It," October 1, 2019

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