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Mandy Patinkin Begins "Diaries 2018" Tour

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on October 9, 2018 - 8:00am
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Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 08:00

Mandy Patinkin begins his Diaries 2018 tour with a sold-out, ten-performance residency presented by New York Theatre Workshop at The Connelly Theater in NYC, starting Wednesday and continuing through October 28. (A limited number of tickets are available via a daily TodayTix lottery.) He will bring the tour to California, Hawaii, and Australia in November.


Mandy Patinkin begins his Diaries 2018 tour with a sold-out, ten-performance residency presented by New York Theatre Workshop at The Connelly Theater in New York City's East Village, starting this Wednesday, October 10, and continuing through October 28. Joined by pianist Adam Ben David, he will perform music from Diary: January 27, 2018 and Diary: April/May 2018, the first two in a series of musical installments with pianist/producer Thomas Bartlett, both released on Nonesuch earlier this year.

Patinkin is partnering with TodayTix to offer a limited number of tickets for the New York shows via a digital day-of lottery, available here.

“Singing onstage is one of the great joys of my life,” says Patinkin, “so I'm back on the boards.” He will bring the Diaries 2018 tour to California, Hawaii, and Australia in November. See below for details, or visit

Mandy Patinkin spoke with the New York Times about his Diary recordings and tour. He has found a "new life partner in music," he tells the Times of working with producer/pianist Thomas Bartlett. You can read what else he had to say at

To download and listen to both entries in the Diary series of recordings, visit Here is the Tom Kalin–directed video for Patinkin's take on Laurie Anderson's "From the Air," from Diary: April/May 2018:


Oct 10–28 The Connelly Theater New York, NY
Nov 1 Schultz Cultural Arts Hall, Oshman Family JCC Palo Alto, CA
Nov 3 Hawaii Theatre Centre Honolulu, HI
Nov 11 Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Nov 14 Sydney Opera House Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Nov 17 Queensland Performing Arts Centre Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Mandy Patinkin: "Diaries 2018" tour w

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