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A Medieval Christmas

A Medieval Christmas cover art

Track Listing

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1Isaiah's Prophecy / The Sybil's Prophecy: Iudicii Signum (Hebrew cantillation / 10th c. Spanish)1:44
2Conductus: Adest Sponsus (12th c. Franco-Provençal)1:34
3Gabriel's Prophecy: Oiet/Virgines (12th c. Franco-Provençal)4:53
4Clausula: Domino (13th c. French)2:12
5Hymn: Conditor Alme Siderum / Lauda: Verbum Caro Factum Est (plainchant / 15th c. Italian)2:49
6Reading: On Frymae Wes Word / Organum: Iudea et Iherusalem (10th c. Old Saxon / 13th c. French)9:34
7Conductus: Gedeonis Area (13th c. French)2:47
8Reading: O Moder Mayde (Geoffrey Chaucer)1:25
9Hymn: Ave Maris Stella / Sacred Song: O Maria, Deu Maire (plainchant / 13th c. Provençal)4:23
10Prosa: Ave Maria (12th c. French)2:40
11Responsory: Gaude Maria / Hymn: Joseph, Liber Nefe Min (plainchant / 14th c. German)2:34
12Conductus with Refrain: Congaudet Hodie; In Sulci Iubilo / Hymn: In Dulci (12th c. Catalan; 15th c. Dutch / 16th c. German )4:58
13Reading: Hand by Hand We Shule Us Take (14th c. English)0:36
14Conductus: Lux Hodie ... Orientis Partibus (12th c. French)2:59

About this Album

This album of early Christmas music, from the Boston Camerata and director Joel Cohen, spans from the 10th to 16th centuries and draws from throughout Western Europe, illuminating the cultural influences of both paganism and Christianity in the development of the modern holiday of Christmas.


Joel Cohen, director, baritone, lute, oud
Tim Aarset, baritone, recorders, shawms
Mark Baker, baritone
Miriam Charney, alto
John Clark, tenor
Alison Fowle, rebec, viola da gamba
Sallie Gordon, soprano
David Griesinger, tenor
Rufus Hallmark, tenor
Adrienne Hartzell, vielle, harp, bells
Peter Hunsberger, baritone
Nancy Joyce, flutes, recorders, shawm
Barbara Lakeburg, soprano
Laurie Monahan, soprano
Deborah Price, soprano
Charles Rhodes, countertenor
Kenneth Roth, shawm, organetto, recorders
Peggy Wright, alto
Nicolas Linfield, reader

Recorded at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Engineering: David Griesinger
Mastering: Robert C. Ludwig (Sterling Sound, Inc.)
Coordinator: Teresa Sterne

Design by James Victore Design Works
Cover: Spiegel van den Leven ons Herren, Anonymous, 15th century, courtesy of The Pierpont Morgan Library, New York

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