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Schoenberg: Piano Music

News & Reviews

  • NPR Dubs Paul Jacobs's "Quite Remarkable" Debussy Preludes Essential Listening

    Paul Jacobs's 1970s recordings of Debussy's Preludes for Nonesuch have been added to The NPR Classical 50 list of essential recordings. On the show, critic Ted Libbey calls them "quite remarkable" and dubs Jacobs "the gold standard for the piano music of Debussy." Says Libbey of the Preludes: "What you hear is so extraordinary."

About this Album

The CD of this album is available to purchase at ArkivMusic.

Through the course of his career, Schoenberg used the solo piano format to experiment and develop ideas, resulting in a small but significant catalog of piano music that outlines the composer’s development from atonalism to serialism. Paul Jacobs performs the entirety of these defining 20th-century works here.


Paul Jacobs, piano
Musical supervision: Joanna Nickrenz (Elite Recordings, Inc.)
Engineering: Frank Laico (Columbia Thirtieth Street Recording Studio, New York)
Mastering: Robert C. Ludwig
Coordinator: Teresa Sterne
Deisgn: Paula Bisacca
Portrait of Schoenberg by Egon Schiele (1917), courtesy of Serge Sabarsky Gallery, Inc.

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