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Brothers (Deluxe Edition) {Press}

Critical Praise

  • Brothers: Rolling Stone

    #2 Album of Year

    “…rock minimalism pushed to the max.”

    “A masterpiece…”

    “Their tightest disc yet.”

  • Brothers: Uncut

    Uncut [logo]


    “…one of the best rock ‘n’ roll bands on the planet.”

  • Brothers: Spin

    SPIN [logo]


    “The Black Keys have become the year's surprise overnight success story.”

  • Brothers: iTunes

    iTunes [logo]


    Album of the Year

  • Brothers: Time

    TIME [logo]


    #7 Top Album of 2010

    “…a classic, unmuddled rock-‘n’-roll record by a traditional-rock band.”

  • Brothers: NPR

    NPR [logo]


    50 Favorite Albums of 2010

    “…straight-ahead great rock record.”

    “…pungent, weathered and bewitching…”

    “Packed with great songs…remarkably, consistently strong stuff.”

  • Brothers: Philadelphia Weekly

    “…the Ohio duo’s latest fiery garage-blues opus isn’t just their best LP
    (and given the quality of the five previous ones, that’s no small feat), it’s one of the best rock ’n roll albums to come along in years.”

  • Brothers: Associated Press

    “The Black Keys take the next step in their evolution on Brothers.”

  • Brothers: Elle

    Elle [logo]


    “From the glam stomp of “Everlasting Light” to the groovy stirrings on “Next Girl,” their sixth album is their most diverse and moodily melodic yet.”

  • Brothers: New York Times

    “…they can make a growling riff feel loose and woozy, tempos fluctuating
    as if on a column of air.”

  • Brothers: Star Tribune

    “…flows, grinds and constantly thrills as if it were their Exile.”

  • Brothers: Boston Globe

    “…both a throwback and a contemporary classic.”

    “…the disc is the Keys’ most eclectic work yet…”

    “After eight years and six albums, it remains both astounding and heartening to hear what can be accomplished with just one electric guitar and a bare-bones drum kit
    with the right people at the helm.”

  • Brothers: Sunday Times

    “America’s other celebrated alt-blues duo return from their own musical moonlighting sounding refreshed and reinvigorated. A 15-track dash through terrain that takes in boogie, soul, funk, gospel and, of course, the blues. More of the same this is not.”

  • Brothers: Interview

    Interview [logo]


    “These new songs see the band achieve new levels of hybridity, as they skillfully incorporate elements of soul, psychedelia, and even hip-hop into their earthy sound.”

  • Brothers: Evening Standard

    Brothers is the sound of an act maturing, with electronic textures and a modern, soulful quality.”