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    Please Don't Scream

    I remember quite well
    The first time I took you home
    We were so young
    I didn't think much of you
    Sure you were cute and full of tricks
    And a whole lot brighter than a guinea pig
    But I didn't think much of you back then

    And I think you loved me first
    Cause it sure took me a while
    To figure out
    That you were kinda special
    But now you're old and full of ticks
    And you yell at everybody just for kicks
    And I wish that you would just shut up

    Why do you scream at me
    Why do you scream
    I don't know why you have to do that
    Cause things don't seem
    All that bad to me
    Oh I'm beggin' you please
    Baby please don't scream

    Do you remember that old cat
    Who beat you up so bad
    You almost didn't make it
    I almost couldn't take it
    But now you're mean and paranoid
    There's not a piece of this house that you haven't destroyed
    And I wish that you would just shut up.

    You know I've loved a lot of men
    And moved far away from them
    And I hate to say it
    But you're my oldest friend
    And I'm glad you're around
    Cause you still know how to make my favorite sound
    But then I wish that you would just shut up.

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    How I Knew Her
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    Fine dust falls from steel pipelines
    Like ashes from a Pharaoh's tomb
    Shaking off bad luck of babies' dreams
    That never left the womb

    Many things are wired
    To avoid short-circuits
    But not us, for we are
    Far too human, too human

    Leslie rides on Ferris Wheels
    Way up in the umbrella clouds
    She is not afraid of falling
    Out of favor with the crowds

    Lord oh Lord please bless her soul
    And bless her mother
    Shine you face on us
    For we are human, too human

    Do your best little girl and have a little fun
    Cause life wears you down and takes you for a run
    Run run little girl, run run little girl, run run little girl
    Little girl run run...

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    Back to the Barracks
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    Araceli was the fairest of them all
    She was born in the month of Gemini
    To every man who saw her befell Cupid's curse
    Singing oh my oh my oh my

    Araceli only had eyes for one
    And she lived for her love day and night
    One day he became ill so she called on the doctor
    Singing oh my oh my oh my

    When Araceli's perfect face he beheld
    Well the doctor was stricken with awe
    He prayed to the gods that her husband might die
    And upon Mount Olympus they conspired

    When Araceli discovered the truth
    That her beauty had damned her true love's life
    She jumped into the Ladon River
    To absolve her treacherous crime

    When she arrived at Hades' door
    The god of thunder was waiting
    Zeus said, "You're the one I've been longing for."
    And she said, "You're the one I've been hating."

    Araceli shouted, "I've had enough!
    Never once, no not once have I defied you
    I've lived as you command. Now I'm taking Hades' hand
    Singing oh goodbye, goodbye."

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    I Just Wanted You to Get Old
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    Counting Down
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    Still a Believer
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    Even Steven


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