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  • Thursday, February 5, 2015|0 comments

    Punch Brothers, the Evening Standard noted in a four-star review of their recent London show, "sounded as sharp as they looked." All the rarer then to find the band dressed casually in a new video that goes behind the scenes of the writing of their new album, The Phosphorescent Blues, which you can watch here. The band previews their forthcoming tour as musical guests on A Prairie Home Companion this weekend, guest-hosted by none other than Chris Thile. Following Rolling Stone's recent exclamation that "Punch Brothers are astoundingly skilled, non-show-offy, and pretty much pushing at the vanguard of really great music you need to listen to right now," PopMatters calls their new album "another triumph for the quintet." No Depression calls it "tremendous," explaining: "These are, after all, five of the most dexterous, creative, imaginative musicians working in any area of music today."

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  • Friday, January 30, 2015|0 comments

    The Black Keys' latest performance on Austin City Limits (ACL) premieres this Saturday on PBS stations across the US. The band's set includes songs from their latest album, Turn Blue, and more. You can watch their ACL performances of "Fever" and "Little Black Submarines" here plus web-exclusive videos of "Too Afraid to Love" and "Howling for You." This is the band's second appearance on ACL.

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  • Monday, January 26, 2015|0 comments

    Tigran Hamasyan, whose new album, Mockroot, is out now in France and coming soon to the rest of the world, recently sat down with Le Figaro in France to discuss the new album and to perform two songs from it—"Kars" and "Lilac"—as well as the Johnny Green tune "Out of Nowhere." You can watch all three performances here. "It's been several years now that Tigran Hamasyan has stood out in the world jazz scene," says Le Figaro, through translation. "For this prodigy, it is not only his technique that is impressive, but the way in which he literally dives into the notes ... whirling his fingers in a breathtaking ballet."

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  • Thursday, January 22, 2015|0 comments

    Pianist Tigran Hamasyan has released a video that goes behind the scenes in the recording studio in Meudon, France, where his new album, Mockroot, was recorded in May of last year. The video shows Hamasyan with his trio—Sam Minaie on electric bass and Arthur Hnatek on drums and live electronics—and vocalist Gayanée Movsisyan as they record the new album. Watch it here.

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  • Family of the Year

    Friday, January 16, 2015|2 comments

    The song "Hero" by Family of the Year, featured on the soundtrack to Richard Linklater's film Boyhood—and heard throughout the telecast of the Golden Globes as the film picked up three awards last Sunday—can now be heard in a new music video as well. Not long after the film received six Academy Award nominations and shortly before it won four Critics Choice Awards, the video, which includes footage from the film, premiered on BuzzFeed, which describes the song as "anthemic." You can watch it here.

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