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Este Mundo

Este Mundo cover art

Track Listing

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1Baila Me3:44
2Sin Ella3:55
3Habla Me4:06
6Mi Vida3:52
7El Mauro4:37
8No Volvere3:48
10Oh Maï3:12
12Este Mundo4:11

About this Album

The Gipsy Kings incorporate a horn section into this passionately performed set of new original material from 1991; highlights include the instrumentals “Lagrimas” and “Ternuras.” Spin praised this effort: “Nothing is off-limits, which is the way all music should work."


The Gipsy Kings:
Nicolas Reyes, lead vocals, guitar
Tonio Baliardo, solo guitar
André Reyes, guitar, background vocals, bass, palmas, hand claps
Canut Reyes, guitar, background vocals
Diego Baliardo, guitar, palmas, hand claps
Paco Baliardo, guitar

Negrito Trasante-Crocco, drums (1, 6), percussion (2, 4), timpani (5, 7, 10), darbouka (7)
Gérard Prevost, bass (1-3, 5-7, 10, 11)
Walter de Auraujo, accordion (1)
Charles Benarroch, percussion (1, 2, 4-7, 9, 10, 12)
Christian Martinez, Philippe Slominski, brass (1, 5)
Claude Salmieri, drums (2, 5-7, 10)
Mick Parker, keyboards & synthesizers (2-5, 7, 12)
Bruce Keen, triangle (3)
Dominique Droin, keyboards (2, 5-7)
Denis Leloup, trombone (5)
Christopher Negre, saxophone (5)

Arrangement on 8 by Jean-Claude Vannier
Produced by Nick Patrick for P.E.M.
1-10, 12 recorded February and March 1991 at EMI Pathé Marconi studio, Boulogne, France, and engineered by François Delabriere
11 recorded and mixed April 1991 at Guillaume Tell studio, Suresnes, France, and engineered by Bruce Keen
1-10, 12 mixed April 1991 by François Delabriere and Nick Patrick at Guillaume Tell studio, Suresnes, France
11 mixed by François Delabriere and Gérard Prevost
Mastered by Robert C. Ludwig

All songs by the Gipsy Kings, except track 7 by Gipsy Kings / El Pele, Vicente Amigo, and El Queco

Artwork by Bronx Agence
Cover photo by Franck Courtés

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