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Recorded during the Este Mundo tour, this album captures the downright incendiary power of the group’s concerts. As the Chicago Sun-Times put it, “Thank goodness that the Gipsy Kings insist on intermissions—otherwise the audience might spontaneously combust.”


Gipsy Kings
Nicolas Reyes, lead vocals, guitar
Tonino Baliardo, lead guitar
Andre Reyes, background vocals, guitar
Canut Reyes, background vocals, guitar, lead vocals (8, 13)
Diego Baliardo, guitar
Paco Baliardo, guitar
Gérard Prévost, bass
Negrito Transante-Crocco, drums
Charles Benarroch, percussion
Dominique Droin, keyboards

Songs arranged by Gérard Prévost
Produced by Gérard Prévost and Claude Martinez
Recorded during the Gipsy Kings ESTE MUNDO tour, Fall 1991
Mobile recording by Mobil3/Eurosound (Germany)
Live-engineered and mixed by François Delabrière
Mixed at Studio Guillaume Tell, Suresnes, France

All songs by the Gipsy Kings, except track 1 by Gérard Provost; tracks 2, 3, 12, 16 by Gipsy Kings / Los Reyes; track 4 by Gipsy Kings / El Pele / Vicente Amigo / El Queco; track 9 by Tonino Baliardo / Nicolas Reyes / Jahloul Boukhichi; track 10 by Julien “Pablo” Patrac / Georges “Baule” Reyes; track 17 by Tonino Baliardo / Jahloul Boukhichi / Nicolas Reyes / Simon Diaz

Design by Stark Design
Cover photograph by Michael Figuet

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