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The Best of Caetano Veloso

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  • Caetano Veloso’s New Album, "Abraçaço," Out Now on Nonesuch Records

    Caetano Veloso’s new album, Abraçaço, is out today in North America on Nonesuch Records. The album, which was released in 2012 in South America and Europe, won a Latin Grammy for Best Singer-Songwriter Album. Abraçaço is the final installment of a trilogy with the youthful trio of 2007’s and 2009’s zii e zie known as the Banda Cê. A fusion of the traditional Tropicália style and the indie pop of contemporary Rio, Abraçaço includes 11 original songs written by Veloso. KCRW says the album finds Veloso "at his best."

  • Caetano Veloso's New Album, "Abraçaço," Streaming in Full on WNYC Soundcheck, KCRW

    Nonesuch Records releases Caetano Veloso’s album Abraçaço in North America next Tuesday, March 25. But you don't need to wait till then to hear it: the album is streaming in full via WNYC's Soundcheck. "Abraçaço, (which means “big hug”) is not some subdued, late-career exercise in nostalgia or retrospection," asserts Soundcheck host John Schaefer. KCRW, also streaming the album, calls it Veloso "at his best." You can download two album tracks, "A Bossa Nova É Foda" and "Um Abraçaço," when you pre-order the album in the Nonesuch Store.

About this Album

Caetano Veloso's Nonesuch CD catalog is now available from the Nonesuch Store; however, free album MP3 downloads, available with other discs in the Store, are not yet included with these CDs.

**** —Rolling Stone

"It is amusing to watch North American journalists try to describe Caetano Veloso by analogy and in comparison to local models. The Bob Dylan of Brazil doesn’t quite fit, because despite his also being a poetic composer, Caetano’s voice and melodic invention are profoundly beautiful, and his arrangements are often radical at the same time. Neil Young doesn’t match either, despite the ethereal and wistful similarities. Harmonically the inventiveness rivals Lennon and McCartney, but perhaps this comparison is unfair, because Veloso is still evolving and mutating, and part of that other partnership is long gone. Hybrids? Leonard Cohen + Gil Evans? Serge Gainsbourg + Bowie? Stevie Wonder? Cole Porter + Marvin Gaye? The fact is there just aren’t any parallels."

—From the liner note by DAVID BYRNE


Caetano Veloso, vocals (1-15), guitar (2, 6, 12), clapping (3, 15); whistle, Arab singing (5)
Peter Scherer, keyboards (1)
Naná Vasconcelos, percussion, voice (1)  
Tony Lewis, drums (1)
Bill Frisell, Arto Lindsay, guitar (1)
Jaques Morelenbaum, cello (2, 4, 9, 12), clapping (8, 14, 15)
Luíz Brasil, guitars (2, 9, 13, 15); aro de bacurinha (2); berimbau, drums (8); clapping (8, 15)
Jorge Helder, bass (2, 9, 13, 15), clapping (3, 15)
Marcelo Costa, percussion (2, 13, 15); aro de bacurinha (2); berimbau, drums, talking drum, block, clapping (8); jug, caxixi, bells (14); clapping (14, 15)
Márcio Victor, djembe solo, conga, kettledrum, aro de bacurinha (2); atabaque (3); clapping (3, 15); djembe, surdo drum (13); rum, rumpi, lé (15)
Du, surdo drum, kettledrum (2, 13); clapping (3, 15)
Jó, conga (2), djembe (2), clapping (3, 15), kettledrum (13), agogô (13, 15)
Philip Doyle, French horn (2, 15)
Ismael de Oliveira, French horn (2, 14)
Andrea Dias, David Ganc, flutes (2)
Walmir Gil, trumpet solo (2)
Flávio Melo trumpet (2), flugelhorn (13)
Walmir Gil, flugelhorn (2, 13)
Vittor Santos, trombone (2, 13)
Leonardo San Leandro, trombones (2)
Marcelo Martins, alto sax (2), tenor saxophone (13)  
José Carlos Ramos (Zé Bigorna), Daniel Garcia, tenor saxes (2)
Sueli Farias, baritone sax (2, 13)
Moreno Veloso, conga drum, knife and plate, tambourine, bumbo, surdo (bass drum), electric guitar (3); clapping (3, 8); cello (5); guest vocal (12)
Davi Moraes, electric guitars (3)
Nara Gil, Belô Veloso, Paula Morelenbaum, vocals (3)
Fernando, clapping (3)
Bernardo Bessler, Michel Bessler, violins; Marie Christine Springel, viola (4)
Gilberto Gil, vocals, guitar (5, 10)
Liminha, bass, e-bow guitar, keyboards, drum, percussion programming (5)
Carlinhos Brown, shaker (5); pandeiro, toilet seat, cascara, pure skin, surdo (10)  
Ramiro Mussoto, drum corps programming (5); kalimba, drum sampling, berimbaus, clapping (8)
Giancarlo Pareschi, lead violin; Jose Alves, Michel Bessler, Bernardo Bessler, Alfredo Vidal, João Daltro, Ricardo Amado, Walter Hack, Carlos Eduardo Hack, Pascoal Perrotta, violins; Marie Christine Bessler, Jesuína Passaroto, Jairo Diniz, violas; Alceu de Almeida Reis, Márcio Malard, Flávia Rosa, cello; Denner Campolina, bass (7)
Jota Moraes, xylophone, vibraphone (8)
Pinduca, chimes (8)
Jorge Ribeiro, clapping (8, 15)
Dadi, Davi Moraes, clapping (8)
Carlos Balla, drums (9)
Nico Assunção, 6-string bass (10)
Serginho Trombone, trombone; Leo Gandelman, baritone sax; Raul Mascarenhas, tenor saxophone; Zé Carlos, alto saxophone; Marcio Montarroyos, flugelhorn; Bidinho, flugelhorn (10)
Zeca Assumpção, acoustic bass (11)
Jotinha, vibraphone (11)
Bernardo Bessler, first violin; Michel Bessler, José Alves, João Daltro, Ricardo Amado, Antonella Pareschi, Paschoal Perrota, Eduardo Hack, violins; Marie Springel, Jesuína Passaroto, Ricardo Taboada, violas; Alceu Reis, Marcio Malard, Yura Ranevsky, cellos; Denner Campolina, double bass; Paschoal Perrota, musician contractor (11)
Torcuato Mariano, acoustic guitar; Arthur Maia, bass; Carlos Bala, drums; Marcos Amma, congas; Jorge Ranewsky, Alceu Reis, cello; Marie Springuel, viola (12)
Gustavo de Dalva, kettledrums; Boghan, Léo Bit Bit, djembes, agogôs, chocalho (13); Marcelo Bernardes, Carlos Malta, flutes; Ulisses de Abreu, trombones; Zé Canuto, alto sax; Daniel Garcia, tenor sax (13)
Mauro Senise, Paulo Guimarães, G flute; Mauro Senise, piccolo; Paulo Sérgio dos Santos, Lucia Morelenbaum, clarinets; Eduardo Morelenbaum, bugle (14)
Antônio Augusto, horns (14, 15)
Carlos Malta, Andrea Dias, David Ganc, G flutes; Nahor Gomes, Jericó, flugelhorns; Proveta, Hudson Nogueira, alto sax; Vitor Alcântara, Vinícius Assumpção Dorin, tenor sax; Ubaldo Versolato, baritone sax; François de Lima, Valdir Ferreira, trombones; Drauzio Chagas, tuba (15)

Mastered by Robert C. Ludwig, Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland, ME

All songs by Caetano Veloso, except: track 4 by Chabuca Grande, track 5 by Gilberto Gil / Caetano Veloso, track 6 by Guio de Moraes / David Nasser, tarck 7 by Tomás Méndez Sosa, track 9 by Nino Rota / T. Amurri / Portuguese lyrics by Caetano Veloso, track 10 by Gilberto Gil, track 14 by Simón Diaz, track 15 by Ary Barroso.

Track 3 arranged by Moreno Veloso, vocal arrangement by Caetano Veloso. Tracks 8, 9 arranged by Jaques Morelenbaum. String arrangements (2, 7, 11, 12) by Jaques Morelenbaum. Arrangement for winds by Jaques Morelenbaum (13); Luiz Brasil (15). Horn arrangement (10) by Serginho Trombone, Liminha, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso

Design by Gabriele Wilson

Executive Producer: Robert Hurwitz


All formats of this album are available from Nonesuch in the United States only.

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