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Download "The Road" from Emmylou Harris's Forthcoming Album, "Hard Bargain"

Emmylou Harris: "Hard Bargain" [cover]
There's just one month to go before the release of Hard Bargain, the latest Nonesuch release from Emmylou Harris. The album is available for pre-order in the Nonesuch Store with a manuscript lyric sheet of the opening track, "The Road," a number of which will be signed by Harris. And there are now two ways to take that song home with you today: You can now purchase the single from iTunes and download the song for free by entering your e-mail in the player below.

On Hard Bargain, Emmylou Harris's third Nonesuch disc, she offers 11 original songs—three of them co-written with Grammy– and Oscar–winning composer Will Jennings—that touch on the autobiographical while reaching for the universal. Two songs look back at relationships that were central to Harris’ creative life—with Kate McGarrigle, on "Darlin' Kate," and Gram Parsons, on "The Road," in which she recalls the storied time she spent with her mentor. A deluxe edition includes a DVD featuring six performances, "The Road" among them, interspersed with interviews.

To download "The Road," head to iTunes now, or click the Download Now button below. To reserve your copy of Hard Bargain and the manuscript lyric sheet of "The Road," head to the Nonesuch Store now. Then check out the newly redesigned Emmylou Harris web site at and become a fan on Facebook.


Can't wait!

Love Emmylou

That "Road" song really is a charming moment of bliss

Rare!!!! Looking forward to new LP. Got my tickets for Glasgow Show. Looking forward to hearing Emmylou with her Red Dirt Boys with Will Kimburgh!!!

previous try didn't work.

Have already preordered the album. My husband and I are lifelong fans. Come back to Cleveland Ohio soon, Emmylou! We would love to see you in concert again! It's been too long!

THANKS Enjoying it with everyone.

What can you say that hasn't been said before about this lady?

Beautiful as ever! Great song, "The Road."

I got my signed copy of the manuscript today!

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