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Independent (UK): Nonesuch Explorer Series Reissue "Wonderful to Hear Once More"

Explorer Series: East Asia: Japan: Koto Classics [cover]

The reissue of the groundbreaking Nonesuch Explorer Series titles from Japan is now complete, with the recent addition of the re-mastered and re-packaged albums Shakuhachi: The Japanese Flute and Traditional Vocal & Instrumental Pieces. With the reissue of titles from Africa, Indonesia, the South Pacific, South America, and the Caribbean also complete and other regions still awaiting re-release, The Independent's Michael Church exclaims: "It's wonderful that Nonesuch is reissuing the 92-LP Explorer Series, which put ethnomusicology on the map in the Seventies."

Earlier this fall saw the return on CD of Koto Classics, originally released in 1966, featuring a contemplative solo set from virtuoso koto player and composer Shinichi Yuize. Says Church:

[I]t's wonderful to hear once more koto master Shinichi Yuize in his prime. ... [T]he koto is one of the world's oldest instruments, and these classic pieces display its suggestive power to the full. The mood is meditative, and the swooshing slides of Yuize's hands over the long strings increase the feeling of immediacy.

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