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k.d. lang Helps Launch Free Tools for Peace Meditation App

k.d. lang: Tools for Peace app

Tools for Peace, a national educational non-profit of which singer-songwriter k.d. lang is a board member, has created the "Stop, Breathe & Think" app for iPad and iPhone, a tool to guide people of all ages and backgrounds through meditations for mindfulness and compassion. The app, available at the iTunes App Store, is free.

“I would like to believe that through this free app,” said k.d. lang, “meditation can become a natural part of our everyday lives. It’s simple to use and has the ability to reach far and wide, from children riding buses to school to teenagers just hanging out to business leaders in countries around the world. Accessing kindness and compassion through the practice of meditation is simple with this app, which is comfortable, easy and always at our fingertips.”

“We knew the app had to be friendly and accessible, but it also had to be almost counterintuitive, turning our busy, buzzing smartphones into much-needed retreats,” said Jamie Price, Executive Director of Tools for Peace. “We were also intent on building something that was flexible so each person using it could get exactly what he or she needed, at any given moment. That’s why we structured the app to offer personalized guidance into slowing down, managing stress and shifting to a kinder, more understanding and compassionate perspective. We think of it as having a personal meditation coach at your fingertips.”

To learn more about the "Stop, Breathe & Think" app, please visit


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