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Mercury News: Ibrahim Ferrer, Joshua Redman Records Among Best of 2007

Ferrer_sueno_lg Ibrahim Ferrer's Mi Sueno tops the list of last year's best in jazz according to the San Jose Mercury News, and its beauty extends beyond the boundaries of genre, according to critic Jim Harrington. He writes that Ferrer's posthumously released record is "nothing less than an absolute dream recording for Latin music lovers." Harrington continues:

The tracks are all breathtaking, and Ferrer's performance, in my mind, further cements his place among the very best singers in history. Mi Sueno is a work of understated elegance, yet bursting with romance, and it's the single greatest new discof any genrethat I heard in 2007.

Redman_back_lg Also on Harrington's list is Joshua Redman's Back East, on which the "saxophonist shuffles the deck in a new way and still manages to deal straight aces," creating what Harrington says is Redman's best album in years.

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