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What I'm Listening to Now

on May 30, 2006 - 2:29am

By David Harrington of Kronos Quartet
Kronos Quartet's founder and artistic director David Harrington shares a baker's dozen's worth of things he's listening to now. It's an expectedly eclectic list, to say the least.


By David Harrington of Kronos Quartet

Usually there are quite a few musical ideas that I am investigating at any given point. My listening is always varied and perhaps, to an outside observer, confusing. I am excited about a lot of music right now and feel major discoveries are always just around the corner. This is the order of my collection on this particular morning.

1] Homayun Sakhi "The Art of the Afghan Rubab"—An incredible instrumentalist. He lives near Kronos in Fremont, CA.

2] Noam Chomsky "Targeting Iran" (Alternative Radio)—I get a lot of my news from David Barsamian's inspiring productions and Chomsky is one of the most direct sources.

3] Rhoda Scott "Encore, Encore, Encore"—Great Hammond B3 virtuoso. I can't believe that this is the first time I've heard her.

4]"The Proposition" soundtrack by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis—Beautiful sonorities and very creative textures.

5] Rahayu Supanggah "Kurmat pada Tradisi {Homage to Tradition}"—An Indonesian composer whose music was very recently introduced to me by Rachel Cooper from the Asia Society in NY

6] Nils Okland "Bla Harding"—A wonderful Hardangar Fiddle player

7] Glenn Kotche "Mobile"—Every time I return to this album I am delighted by its sound and feeling.

8] Kemialliset Ystavat "Kellari Juniversumi"—This album has an aura that pulls me into it repeatedly.

9] Woody Guthrie "Library of Congress Recordings"—I've got so much to learn and where better to start than with Woody Guthrie.

10] Congotronics 2—This album picks up where Konono No. 1 left off. Vibrant, beautiful.

11] Stuff Smith—Everything I can find

12] Pablo Casals—Bach Suites for Solo Cello

13] Jimi Hendrix and The Experience—"Live in Copenhagen"

David Harrington is the founder and Artistic Director of the Kronos Quartet. Kronos' most recent album is You've Stolen My Heart.

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Monday, May 29, 2006 - 23:30
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I am a happy man.
Now I do know what my favorite musician is listening to! This is marvelous.
Thank you.

what is it about the glen kotche record that musicicans love, but has a lot of us lay people scratching our heads. a number of musician friends are so amped about this. i’m at a loss. i love a lot of the projects he has contribted too, and its clear that mobile shows skill and a nice cultural curiosity. but the songs don’t get to me. but you did say it gives a little more each time…

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