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    Hurray for the Riff Raff (aka Alynda Segarra) shares the video for “Hawkmoon,” from their 2024 album, The Past Is Still Alive. A rebellious road song and stirring remembrance of the first trans woman they ever met—a poet, punk, and fellow traveler named Miss Jonathan—the track arrives with a thrilling heist film of a music video, directed by Jeff Perlman, and shot along the desolate highways and dusty deserts of a small New Mexican town called Tucumcari. On the run after a string of bank robberies across the southwest, Segarra stars alongside writer, actor, and musician Denny (FX’s Pose, Apple TV+’s City on Fire), and together they queer the timeless cool of American outlaws and iconography. They cruise in a classic car, rip shots from the bottle, duck in and out of diners, roll in cash on a motel bed, and bask in the glow of neon signs shining through the night, while channeling inspirations like James Dean and River Phoenix. As “Hawkmoon” reaches its cathartic, rocking climax, the story ends in a poignant piece of spoken word: “Follow me to a place where everyone we love is still alive.”