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  • February 22, 2019

    Walk Through Fire is the debut album from Yola, whom Q calls a "Bristol country-soul miracle." The Dan Auerbach–produced album puts a contemporary twist on a traditional sonic tapestry of orchestral strings, fiddle, steel, and shimmering tremolo guitars. Yola's arresting vocals captivate with sincere tales of heartache and loves lost, forgotten, and broken. The album "showcases Yola's otherworldly vocals and compelling songwriting," says NPR. "It's the work of an artist sure to stun audiences for years to come." Grammy Award Nominee: Best New Artist, Best Americana Album, Best American Roots Performance & Best American Roots Song ("Faraway Look").

  • February 8, 2019

    Pianist Jeremy Denk's c. 1300–c. 2000 presents a centuries-long story of constantly emerging possibilities and styles of musical expression, an evolution drawn in a single arc by the music of twenty-four different composers, from Guillaume de Machaut to György Ligeti. "A piano recital covering 700 years of music: by most accepted definitions, that ought to be not just an oxymoron but an impossibility," says the Telegraph. "But the usual barriers fall whenever Jeremy Denk is at the keyboard ... Quite exhilarating."

  • k.d. lang performs "Sleeping Alone," a previously unreleased song she wrote with Joe Pisapia, live in concert at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio, Texas, in September 2018. The concert was captured for k.d. lang – Landmarks Live in Concert: A Great Performances Special, which premiered on PBS in December 2018.

  • Previously only available on a vinyl 7" for Record Store Day: Black Friday in 2014, Conor Oberst's songs "Standing on the Outside Looking In" and "Sugar Street" are now available digitally. The tracks were recorded during the sessions for Oberst's 2014 Nonesuch Records debut album, Upside Down Mountain, of which Rolling Stone said: "A sumptuous immersion in '70s California folk pop, it is the most immediately charming album he has ever made."

  • Originally released as a vinyl 7" from Conor Oberst for Record Store Day 2014, this single—"Hundreds of Ways," from his Nonesuch Records debut album, Upside Down Mountain, and the album outtake "Fast Friends"—are now available digitally. Rolling Stone said of Upside Down Mountain: "A sumptuous immersion in '70s California folk pop, it is the most immediately charming album he has ever made."


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