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  • On The Call Within, pianist/composer Tigran Hamasyan performs ten original compositions, with Evan Marien on electric bass and Arthur Hnatek on drums. Produced by Hamasyan, the album is a journey into his dreamlike inner world, taking inspiration from his interest in maps from different eras, poetry, Armenian folk stories, astrology, geometry, ancient Armenian design, rock carvings, and cinematography, and creating what Record Collector calls "a kaleidoscopic tapestry of sound." Jazzwise exclaims: "An exceptional recording for exceptional times."

  • "The framework in the song is a love affair, but it can happen in any kind of connection," Rhiannon Giddens says of her song "Don't Call Me Names." "The real story was accepting my inner strength and refusing to continue being gas-lit and held back; and refusing to keep sacrificing my mental health for the sake of anything or anyone ... When I listen to it, the anger that I felt then now is the anger I feel at my entire country being gas-lit, held back, and sacrificed. We have to keep saying NO to toxic behavior, no matter how small or large the stage, and keep saying it nice and loud.”

  • Mountain Man's Look at Me Don’t Look at Me was recorded live at Saint Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle in November 2018, capturing the intimacy of the band’s live shows. The recording includes songs from the trio's Nonesuch album Magic Ship and its 2010 debut, Made the Harbor; covers of Fiona Apple's "Hot Knife" and Michael Hurley’s "Blue Mountain"; and the group’s singularly quirky banter. "One of our favorite things in life is singing together to a bunch of people in a room," says the band. "We hope this recording brings you some of the joy you may have been missing until the next time we can all be together."

  • August 7, 2020

    "We recorded 'Nazareth' in one take on a field recorder sat outside the studio in the summer of 2018," say the Staves of the track. "The sun was shining and the birds were singing. We tried recording it in the studio but just kept coming back to this version. It seemed to have the magic.  The song was intended to be in the spirit of an Irish blessing or a kind of a prayer, asking to be kept safe—but it pretty quickly became a more personal and introspective lyric. Moments of glory quickly faded. Worrying, trying. How we mean everything and nothing at the same time. To everyone, to no one."

  • Devendra Banhart's four-song EP Vast Ovoid follows his 2019 studio album, Ma, about which Q says: "Banhart’s singular world remains as intoxicating as ever, as if all human life is here." The EP, available in a limited-edition 12" white vinyl 45, includes the Helado Negro remix of the Ma song "Love Song" and three songs "that didn’t quite fit in with Ma's theme of maternity," Banhart says. "Ultimately all three songs are about the difference between disappointment and disillusion … Bigger difference than I realized ..."

  • Lianne La Havas's self-titled, third album spans the arc of a relationship. "What plays a big role in the album is the idea of the life cycle of plants and nature—equating this journey with a seasonal thing that blooms, thrives, goes away, and comes back even stronger," she says. Its musical references are as varied as Milton Nascimento, Joni Mitchell, Jaco Pastorious, Al Green, and Destiny’s Child. In keeping with the album's intimate feel, everyone who contributed is a trusted collaborator, including longtime songwriting ally Matt Hales, co-producer Beni Giles, and guest co-producer Mura Masa.

  • Vagabon (Laetitia Tamko) discovered and fell in love with the music of Manila-based DJ/producer Pamcy on Bandcamp, where she herself had first released her music and found a music community. The two began an e-mail correspondence, which eventually led to the creation of this remix of "Water Me Down," a song from Vagabon's 2019 self-titled Nonesuch debut album.

  • The members of the original Joshua Redman Quartet—Redman (saxophone), Brad Mehldau (piano), Christian McBride (bass), and Brian Blade (drums)—reunite with RoundAgain, the group’s first recording since 1994’s MoodSwing. The album features seven newly composed songs: three from Redman, two from Mehldau, and one each from McBride and Blade. "A flawless effort," exclaims NPR. "Each one of them is at the very top of his game now." Nominated for Grammy Awards for Best Jazz Instrumental Album and Best Improvised Jazz Solo (Redman) on the track "Moe Honk."


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