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    Björk "Voltaic" Poster Now Available in the Nonesuch Store

    The world tour that followed the release of Björk's 2007 studio album, Volta, was deemed "as visually spectacular as it is musically innovative" by The Guardian. This summer, Nonesuch released Voltaic, a multimedia celebration of the tour that led NPR to describe Björk as "an artist who inspires those around her to create equal parts music and magic." Now, you can bring the magic of Voltaic home with a visually spectacular poster.

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    Seattle Weekly: Björk's "'Voltaic' Is Some Good Vinyl," Puts "A Fresh Twist" on Trailblazer's Work

    Björk's Voltaic captures the Icelandic performer's unforgettable Volta tour on an array of formats, including a deluxe version with all the music on vinyl. In Seattle Weekly's "Reverb" music blog, Nirvana's Krist Novoselic says: "Voltaic is some good vinyl ... If you love Björk, you probably own this. If you like Björk, I say get this work because it's a nice document of the artist's music up to Volta but with a fresh twist."
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    WSJ Talks to Björk About "Voltaic," "Music That Melds Edgy Beats with Dreamlike Lyrics"

    Voltaic, the audio-visual celebration of Björk's Volta tour, is out now on Nonesuch. The Wall Street Journal spoke with the Icelandic songstress who "makes music that melds edgy beats with dreamlike lyrics," about the project. Nashville Scene points to its visual aspect, describing her concerts as "absolutely spellbinding marriages of ethereal sound and astonishing vision," and explaining, "As always, the singer's voice is simply unparalleled in its celestial beauty, her primal stage presence is captivating, the beats are club-stomping, and the visual spectacle of the show is stunning." All About Jazz sees her  "here she's near the top of her game."

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    Björk Guest DJ's NPR's "All Songs Considered" on "Voltaic" Release Day

    Voltaic, the multimedia celebration of Björk's Volta tour, is now available in the US from Nonesuch Records. Yesterday's release day was marked by a guest DJ appearance from the Icelandic songstress on NPR's All Songs Considered. Björk speaks with the show's host, Bob Boilen, about some of her favorite artists, chooses a song from each, featuring music from Syria, Russia, the UK, and Icleand, and explains what she finds appealing in each. You can still listen to the complete Voltaic album as well for NPR's Exclusive First Listen series.

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    NPR: Exclusive First Listen to Björk's "Voltaic," "Brilliant Performances, Equal Parts Music and Magic"

    Björk's Voltaic release, documenting in music and video her two-year Volta tour, is due out on Nonesuch next week. Now, and all week leading up to the event, is offering an Exclusive First Listen to the entire Voltaic album of songs recorded live in studio at the tour's start. "Björk's music is complex, mysterious and full of unpredictable sonic textures," says NPR's Bob Boilen. "The brilliant performances on Voltaic make it clear that Björk isn't just a visionary, but also an artist who inspires those around her to create equal parts music and magic, in an effort to bring her vision to life."

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    Video: Björk's "Declare Independence (Live)" from "Voltaic"

    The Nonesuch Journal brought you a brief glimpse of Björk's forthcoming multimedia release, Voltaic, in a video preview of the project earlier this week. Now you can watch the first full-length song performance, "Declare Independence," recorded live in concert in Paris, at The performance is part of the concert film available in the CD+DVD and deluxe versions of Voltaic, to be released on Nonesuch on June 30, and will be screened in cities across the US in the coming weeks.

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    Catch a Sneak Peek at Björk's "Voltaic" in Video Preview

    Voltaic, the multimedia extravaganza in music and video celebrating Björk's two-year world tour following the 2007 release of Volta, is due for release from Nonesuch at the end of the month. Screenings of Voltaic's concert film component are set for cities across the US the week leading up to and around the June 30 release. And now you can catch a sneak peek at the whole project in a video preview at

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    Björk's "Voltaic" Concert Film to Screen in Theaters This Month

    Björk’s Voltaic: The Volta Tour, a concert film featuring stops on her visually dazzling Volta tour in Paris and Reykjavik, will be screened across the US this June and July. There are more than 15 screenings already scheduled, all to coincide with the release of the very special DVD/CD/LP recording Voltaic, due out in the US on Nonesuch on June 30. Register to win a pair of tickets from Nonesuch for the June 23 screening at NYC's School of Visual Arts Theater.

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    Nonesuch Records to Release Björk's Multimedia "Voltaic," June 30

    Voltaic, a very special CD/LP/DVD project from Björk, is set to be released in the US by Nonesuch Records on June 30, 2009. Available in five different physical configurations, it is a lovingly packaged celebration of the past two years of Björk’s Volta activities—her critically praised sixth studio album, which came out in 2007, and the subsequent two-year world tour. Voltaic serves as a coda to Volta, an album about which NME said “Volta is a thunderous return as enchanting as Debut,’’ while Q described it as “the best album that Björk has done in a decade—a reminder of what a vital force she is.”