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Watch: Ry Cooder Sings "The Mutt Romney Blues"

Ry Cooder
Ry Cooder, having just premiered one new song, “Going to Tampa,” via The New Yorker’s News Desk blog, has now lent another new song, “The Mutt Romney Blues,” to a short satirical video by the progressive activists Brave New Films. The song and video tell the now well-known tale of the unusual al fresco car ride of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s dog, only this time from a decidedly different perspective: that of the trusty pooch himself. This dog’s tune is, of course, a blues. Watch the video below.

You can hear Ry Cooder’s “Going to Tampa,” which looks ahead to this fall’s Republican National Convention in that town, here and download his song “Wall Street Part of Town” here. You’ll find his latest album, 2011’s Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down—"an impassioned portrait of 21st century America and its injustices,” says Uncut—in the  Nonesuch Store, where CD orders include instant downloads of the complete album.


Songs too classy to mention the dog was so freaked out by this that it evacuated its digestive system all over the car. Mittens Romney pulled over, hosed the dog off and drove on... empathy free leadership

Mick you got to be kidding you are a animal abuser. Didn't know there was something wrong, Maybe we should tie you in a kennel and make you ride on top car in heat cold I have lost all respect won't be voting for you.

It is these truths that manage to seep out that can tell us a great deal about a man.

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